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42 countries, 17 languages and over 200 departures and destinations mark the proud balance of the European wide carpooling website “,” which has accomplished all of this within its first year of existence!!

Polish drivers and passengers currently use this service the most (circa 75%), followed by users from Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands. Mr. Wiktor Hubar, the enterpriser of “e-carpool Network” from Frankfurt, pointed out the benefits of his website: “our service is perfectly set-up for those individuals who commute home on the weekend from work or their place of study. In addition, tourists, who travel unconventionally throughout Europe and who enjoy getting-to-know nice people, are able to use our service within their own budget limits.”

The website “,” which began with the polish version, has steadily expanded to 17 languages since October of 2005. Around 3000 surfers take advantage of the on-line service daily, with all tendencies pointing upwards.

Users have the option of a multilingual “Search Menu” which enables them to locate drivers and/or passengers. This multilingual feature includes most of the European languages also with languages from Eastern and Southern Europe such as: Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Greek and Turkish. With widely spread Russian in Eastern Europe and English in Scandinavian countries, this on-line service guarantees the essentials of European wide carpooling; communicating without problems.

Among the many offers you will find include trips from Berlin to Prague (recommended price 6 – 17 €) as well as from Cracow to Budapest (5-10 €).

An extra plus from “e-carpool Network,” that carries it above its competition, is its commitment to security. For instance, if a driver wants to appear “trustworthy” for potential passengers, then he/she has to send the enterpriser of “e-carpool Network” documents that verify his/her identity. This enables previous passengers to rate the driver accordingly, which, in turn, offers a reliable and safe service for the next occupants.

Alongside this money-saving service, a trip with the “e-carpool Network” also offers European wide contacts to fellow open-minded individuals, increasing the chances of a pleasant conversation, which have the added value of speeding up a long trip.

Mr. Wiktor Hubar describes the long term goals from “” in the following: “Having 17 languages at the beginning of March 2006, we now want to concentrate our service on every individual country, making ourselves well known. Within this framework we will execute various marketing strategies. Important to us are not only commuters but tourists who want to discover Europe at a price they can afford. With our unique and extensive engagement we are looking for visitor numbers to double this summer and quad ripple by the end of 2006.”

For more information contact: Wiktor Hubar
Phone: +49 176 231 09 485